Flexible Corrugated Pipe

We stock flexible corrugated pipe in various lengths and sizes in solid, perforated, sock, and septic.

Solid Pipe: Just like the name says, solid & soil tight. It is used to move water from for instance, a downspout to another place that is lower.
Perforated Pipe: This pipe has slits in it between the raised corrugations. It is used to collect ground water and move it to a lower place.
Sock Pipe: This pipe is perforated with a fabric wrapped around it. It is used to collect ground water in dirt or sand that is so fine it would pass through the slits and clog the pipe.
Septic Pipe: This pipe is used in septic systems. It has obvious round holes for taking wastewater from a septic tank. Water flows out of round holes into the soil.

  • 4″ x 10′ joint
  • 4″ x 100′ roll
  • 4″ x 250′ roll
  • 6″ x 100′ roll
  • 6″ x 20′ single wall
  • 8″ x 20′ single wall
  • 10″ x 20′ single wall

Solid, Perforated, Septic, Sock


4" x 10'

Single Wall

6" x 20', 8" x 20'


4" x 100', 4" x 250', 6" x 100'

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