Double Wall Ditch Drain Pipe

We stock double wall ditch drain pipe ranging from 6 inch to 36 inch. We can also order 42″, 48″, and 60″ sizes.

Requirements for pipe used in driveways on state roads:
  • It muse be a minimum diameter of 15″.
  • It usually has a minimum of 12″ of dirt cover.
  • It must be certified DOT approved.
  • Pipe is designed for service life of 100 years.
Pipe installed on farms:
  • Can use single wall pipe for crossing streams but it is not recommended. Double wall is preferred.
  • Can use sizes smaller than 15″ diameter on farms and residences.
Double Wall pipe is rigid. If curves or bends are needed, consider using flexible, single wall pipe or use fittings for double wall pipe. We carry a large array of shapes: 90° elbows, 45° elbows, T connectors, etc.  

6" x 20', 8" x 20', 10" x 20', 12" x 20', 15" x 20', 18" x 20', 24" x 20', 30" x 20', 36" x 20'

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